Qualification | Diploma

Course Leader | Alex Jessop

Validated by | Trinity College, London

Location | Academy, Barbican, London, EC1M 7AJ

Programme Length | 3 Years, Full-Time
Start Date | 16th September 2019


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The three year full-time dance programme is designed for the serious dancer aged 16+ who is passionate about all forms of dance and as an individual has the talent and potential to make dance their profession. In order to produce highly skilled, creative and intellectual dance artists, the course aims to provide students with a diverse yet comprehensive education and training programme. This will stimulate imagination and provide the necessary technical, creative and performance experiences in order to develop a range of cognitive, perceptual, and motor skills necessary for young dance artists to enter, enjoy and improve the professional dance sector of today.

This is achieved through a rigorous curriculum, predominately focused on studio-based practice and creative exploration, underpinned by key elements of contextual study. The training programme provides a strong core in a wide range of subjects, supplemented by supporting subjects that enable students to pursue their own interests.

Workshops and master classes provided throughout the programme offer students the opportunity of working with a wide variety of professionals who specialise in particular areas of dance. Performance occasions such as in-house productions and annual performances consolidate all that has been learnt in the classroom giving students the confidence and experience to perform in front of an audience.

Students who successfully complete the course graduate with a Level 6 Diploma in Professional Dance.



The delivery of the technique classes, across all years are structured to provide a balance of consistency and diversity. In the first and second year students work in depthly towards particular technical approaches. The breadth of teaching encountered over the course ensures that graduates are versatile with the ability to apply their technical skills to new and varied challenges. The range of techniques experienced is guided by the particular expertise and teaching philosophies of the dance faculty and how these relate to the needs of the particular group and the individual. This approach ensures that students receive relevant and current training. In the third year technical training is linked directly to the performance options chosen.

YEAR 1 (Level 4)

Students are introduced to a wide variety of subjects and will predominately focus on re-evaluating and retraining existing technique to ensure that any pre-existing technical faults have been addressed. Understanding and awareness of safe practice, dancer's life' nutrition and injury prevention will be fundamental to any technical development. In addition to the core dance subjects such as ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap, students will follow acting and singing modules.

By the end if the first year students are expected:

- To have made technical progress relevant to       their starting point

- To have a clear understanding of human            

  anatomy and physiology in the context of

  professional dance training and safer practice

- To have a good knowledge of dance history

- To have a good knowledge of dance


- To have the capacity to reflect and plan for

  their ongoing progress

- To have completed and passed all contextual


YEAR 2 (Level 5)

The second year places stronger emphasis on the core techniques with emphasis on developing the individual dancer's artistic and performance qualities. In consultation with the various Heads of Department, students will have the option to select more specific core subjects in preparation for third year options. Students who may be looking towards the musical theatre option will be guided toward additional singing and acting subjects. 

To have completed and passed all contextual requirements students take Contextual studies throughout the course to provide them with a theoretical understanding which underpins their practical work. It also provides opportunity for career progression in later life. Students will be expected to develop a portfolio of work accumulated throughout the course. Progress is monitored throughout each year.


By the end of the second year students are expected:

- To have adapted to complex movement,

  demonstrating technique and performance


- To have made sense of individual corrections

  and directives to inform ongoing progress

- To have the confidence to improvise and


- To have applied anatomic and health

  principles for prevention of and care of

  common injury

- To have objectively critiqued and referenced

  contextual material

- To have evaluated and planned for their

  ongoing progress

YEAR 3 (Level 6)

The third year prepares students for their intended profession and therefore developing employment skills are essential. Students have the option to streamline their training to suit individual needs and may specialise either in contemporary dance and/or theatre dance. Students who have shown potential in singing and acting may choose to follow the musical theatre option providing their option has been agreed by the Head of Acting and Head of Singing. Students' training culminates with enrolment to the Made2Move dance company. 

The company provides students with the opportunity to experience life in a dance company, consequently exposing them to company class and the rehearsal process which ultimately leads to performances. 


By the end of the third year students are expected:

- To have achieved technical and artistic

  development to a professional level

- To have quickly responded to complex

  instructions and reproduce work with the

  intended directives

- To have audition experience and an awareness

  of the professional industry

- To have researched, referenced, critically

  appraised and reflected all contextual work

- To have completed and passed all contextual


- To have established the necessary skills to

  withstand the pressures of professional life,

  adapt to change, and be self aware of the need

  for continuing professional development 


Tuition Fees | £15990 per academic year

                           (paid in advance termly instalments)

Audition Fee | £45 (non-refundable)

Deposit | £200 (non-refundable)


Terms and conditions apply upon acceptance to the College and can be found on our Policies page.


The Diploma course offers the following funding options:

- Private Funding

- Italia Conti Scholarships (including The Boys Scholarship Award)

- Dance and Drama Awards (DaDA)

- Charitable Trusts and Foundations

- Advanced Learner Loans




- 16+ by the 31st August in the year of entry​.

- Legal right to reside/study in the UK for the full period of the programme.

- Successful audition through Italia Conti, details of which can be found below.

- Evidence in hard copy of all the above must be provided.


After completing the application process you will be invited to attend one of our audition days where you will be required to demonstrate a variety of skills. Information about auditions can be found below.


Application to the Diploma in Professional Dance course can be made using our online application form.

Applicants must complete the form and pay the audition fee (£45) in order to be considered for the course. Upon receiving your application we will contact you with your audition date.

Audition fees are non-refundable. These fees act as both an administration fee for processing your application as well as a non-refundable deposit for a place on an audition day.

In line with our admissions policy, the academy reserves the right to alter or withdraw offers at any point.



The entrance audition comprises of five components - a Ballet class, Jazz class, Contemporary class, Dance solo and Interview. The classes will explore technical and artistic skills across a range of disciplines. The audition process is designed to ensure that prospective students meet the criteria for dance training including a demonstration of prior knowledge and a good understanding of the commitment full time dance training requires. Audition candidates should demonstrate an understanding of both technical dance language and body alignment; a high level of strength and stamina; and the physical and artistic potential for a career in dance.

All five audition components will take place on the same day, and candidates should be prepared to spend at least half a day at the audition. You may wish to bring lunch or a snack to the audition, as breaks between sections will not be long enough to leave the audition site. Also, please note that family and friends will not be permitted to observe the audition and depending on the set-up of the audition site may not be able to have contact with the applicant until their audition is finished.


- A serious commitment to dance training and a career in Dance performance.
- A high level and quality of training. It is unlikely that students without prior Dance training will be able to fulfil the criteria for

  acceptance. Applicants should have a minimum of three years experience with Ballet, and Contemporary / Modern and or Jazz

  dance vocabulary.
- A potential for meeting the technical standards of Italia Conti's professional dance training program.
- Talent and potential as a performer, including a vivid imagination, courage, and emotional accessibility.

- An articulate body promising significant development in Dance.

- A willingness to re-evaluate technique and explore new approaches to training.

- Demonstrated musicality.

- The ability to work as a part of an ensemble including; the strength and sensitivity necessary to partner/be partnered, the ability to

  work openly and honestly with other dancers, the ability to be flexible in the artistic process with choreographers, directors, or

  rehearsal assistants.


International applicants may request to audition via Audio/Visual Submission. International candidates wishing to audition in this manner should contact auditions@italiaconti.co.uk to request the Audio/Visual Audition pack once they have completed their application and paid the audition fee. 



Regular workshop sessions are held to give students the opportunity to work with directors, choreographers and industry professionals whilst training. Second and third year students also have to opportunity to join the Italia Conti Agency and undertake professional work should the opportunity arise. During the 3rd year students take part in Dance Productions and their final Showcase whereby agents are invited, and Italia Conti has connections with many of these.


Students who successfully complete the Level 6 Trinity Diploma can apply for a BA (Hons) conversion course. The Diplomas are an APL route onto some MA programmes, including the MA Professional Practice at Middlesex University. However, students may first wish to acquire a more academically oriented qualification at the same level.

Therefore, Trinity College London is pleased to confirm that graduates wishing to convert their Professional Performing Arts Diploma to a degree can now apply to Middlesex University to study for the BA (Hons) Professional Practice. This degree has been created especially for graduates with a Professional Performing Arts Diploma. The course gives participants the opportunity to extend their Diploma to a BA (Hons) while carrying on their professional activities. (Source: Trinity College, London Website)


With over 108 years of Italia Conti history, our graduates populate the performance industries and include many famous faces.


Recent graduates can be seen working on prestigious productions in all areas of the industry:



"The dance course is so different to others in London due to the

closely focused training and individual attention we get being such a small group."


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